Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy relates to the Personal Data collected by XMEducation (henceforth referred to as ‘the company’) and outlines the circumstances for use and disclosure of Personal Data of the client (henceforth referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the client’) by the company.

XMEducation takes the privacy of its clients seriously and is committed to maintaining trust between the company and clients through strict adherence to the governing laws of the country related to personal data and information.

You may browse our website anonymously, without having to provide us with any personal information or details. During your visit, should you choose to provide us your details by:

  1. Logging into our website using a Username and Password
  2. Providing your details through on-line registration for our company services, Your Personal Data will only be collected, used and disclosed for the purposes outlined in the policy below.

By using our services, you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information. You may request to withdraw your consent by emailing us.

Definition of Personal Data and Information

Examples of Personal Data and Information that XMEducation collects are:

- Personal data about you and family members which you provide us with. Such data can include name, contact number, address, family background, payment information and details.

- Information and data that is generated during your relationship as a client with XMEducation. This includes lesson history, enrolment details, lesson timetables that you have provided the company with through any means of communication with our staff.

- Any information that the company obtains via website traffic monitoring.

Circumstances for collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data.

The company collects and uses your information for:

  1. For the company’s administration, business, financial and training purposes
  2. To provide services and support related to any product of the company.
  3. For marketing purposes
  4. For product development, and management purposes
  5. To mange any relationship between you and the company, using your data where consent has been provided, and in regulation with the governing laws of the country.
  6. For the transfer of your information between branches of the company, with strict adherence to any laws and regulations that govern private data
  7. For any other situation related to the situations mentioned above.

The company may disclose your information in the following circumstances:

  1. To any third-party agents or service providers that the company may procure for its operations, under a duty of confidentiality
  2. To any individual within the company, to a specified extent for the individual to carry out their work
  3. To any person or entity to which the company is bound to disclose your data, under governing laws of the country.
  4. For any legal purposes, when the company is obliged, or when it is necessary to disclose your data, under all applicable laws and regulations.
Retention of Information

The company will retain your data in accordance with the governing laws of the country.

Right of Access

You may request to access the information regarding yourself that the company has retained anytime by contacting us via email.

Updates on Privacy Policy

XMEducation reserves all rights to amend this privacy policy anytime without informing you. The updated privacy policy will be reflected on our website. The use, or continued use of our services shall be deemed as your consent to any updates of our privacy policy.

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